The Black’s Annual Gala – Thank You!

Black's Annual Gala

Our CEO was given permission to stay up past her bedtime!  It is not every night that you are invited to pass out your cake pops at the party of the year.  Real Housewives of Miami fans (like the CEOs Mami) have seen it televised The Black’s Annual Gala is a yearly fundraiser held by {Read More…}

Remembering …and looking forward to 2014!

Savvy and Super Papi enjoying the Celebration of Life Party at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

I have been lucky enough to have had some amazing experiences with Savvylicious Sweets but in 2014 my goal is simple…to grow the business and be better… I don’t believe that one can stop learning or bettering oneself … and that will be my focus this year … I look back on where we started {Read More…}

Custom Bakery – No Problem!


  If you read the previous post (and I certainly hope you did!) then you know that I attended the Inspire Smart Success conference in Palm Beach but I also created a “bakery” for the attendees.  It was inspired by Preston Bailey.  The founder of the conference attended his wedding and I am told that {Read More…}

Ancient Spanish Monastery – Love Story

Photos courtesy of Robert Evans Studio

I love LOVE!  Seriously, there is nothing more beautiful and more romantic to me then two people in love.  I love images of love … I wish I had the talent to capture these images but welllll that is best left to the talented artists.  Appreciating the images … welllll that is certainly my cup {Read More…}


Photo courtesy of Sonja Revells Photography

I am excited to start our blog …. what I am going to refer to as my Savvy Notes.  Simply because I am not a blogger … As you can see I am already breaking every grammatical rule in the book!  I do love to write about my thoughts, my inspirations, and my passion and {Read More…}