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Savvy and Mami

My Favorite Cupcake, Savvy.

Savannah, nicknamed Savvy “The Warrior Princess”, was born December 5, 2006 to the delight of her parents. In April 2007,     Savannah was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia, a rare liver disease. Without a liver transplant, Savannah would not have lived to see her second year of life. 
On December 29, 2007, Savannah received her “Gift of Life”—she received her liver transplant. 
A few months after Savvy’s transplant, as Ana sat down to give Savvy her many medications, Ana happened to look at the television and she saw a very talented woman making some amazing little creations on the Martha Stewart show. This woman was Angie Dudley—better known as “Bakerella”, and the amazing little creations were cake pops!
Ana contacted Angie, shared Savannah’s story, and asked her to create a pop in honor of Savannah’s “donor angel” in order to help raise awareness of the desperate need for organ donation. What Ana did not know before contacting Bakerella was that she too was the recipient of the “Gift of Life”, having had a kidney transplant many years prior. From Bakerella’s talent and good heart, “Pops for a Purpose” were born.
 Savvy meeting Angie Dudley, "Bakerella".

Savvy meeting Angie Dudley, “Bakerella”.