Alfajores … ALFAJORES…….Alfa {Savvylicious} jores!!!


Can we say D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.?!!!!  I have to admit I am beyond giddy about how good our alfajores are!  This was an accident and a lovely one at that!  I am typically the one that has the type of accidents that ends up with flour in my face and a sponge in my hand cleaning after the explosion because I kinda sorta forgot the mixer was running and once again need to be reminded that you don’t pour flour into a mixer that is turning….. yeah … apparently I need to learn that lesson over and OVER….

But in this beautiful accident … I created the most Savvylicious alfajores ever!!  I ran out of a few items on a recipe I was following and substituted what I had on hand because I really wanted to make alfajores … I think we call it an intense craving …. I succumbed to it and am so happy I did.  You will find alfajores daily now being made in my bakery but this is the best part … I am happy to customize them just for your party … like the guava alfajores cowgirl hats and dulce de leche filled alfajores cowgirl boots we created for this lovely birthday party at Davie Ranch this weekend.

Oh… and yes … the other lovely treats pictured on the beautiful cake table were made by us including the fabulous cowgirl inspired cake ( a tier of red velvet and a tier of dulce de leche)  … but back to the alfajores … RUN and order them .. your friends and family will love you (assuming you don’t eat them all yourself because frankly… it is hard to resist them!).

cowboy alfajores


 cowgirl cake collage

cowgirl cake

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