A {Sweet} Fairy Tea Party

Tea Table


It has been a bit since I posted a blog … time just gets out of your way when you own a business and have so many hats to wear.  Atleast that is my case, put I have decided that I will be posting weekly and I wanted to start with some adorable ideas for a tea party.  I had the pleasure of styling a shoot this past weekend for Dara’s Bling Photography.  I have worked with Dara on her shoots several times and I always have a great time … primarily because the CEO of the company, Savvy, gets to play dress up and “model”.  At 7 she is ready to pose at a drop of a hat … toothless grin and all ;)  Now, I am not a photographer … that is Dara’s job but I do take my camera along.  I take my camera when I set up sweets tables to snap pictures for future clients and to use as “my eyes”.

With time you get experience and I have learned a few things … the camera never lies!  I always snap a picture and look at it before leaving a display that I have created because I can look at the table and think it is fine but then after I snap a picture I see … a cupcake that needs to be turned or a cake pop that may be a bit angled … the camera helps me be “picky”. Well, in this case Savvy was sitting on the chair and had been begging for those lemon cupcakes … and she was told “NO” … she was not allowed to have a cupcake until Ms. Dara was ready to take pictures and I certainly did not want her to grab one right off the table I thought I had finished styling … but here as I snapped she was caught in MID ACT … BUSTED!

savvy stealing cupcake

She had to put it back and the pouty face came right after but I knew that this was the reaction I wanted all of the little girls to have when they saw the table … success!

fairy truffles  The table was sweet and simple featuring chocolate covered marshmallows, cake pops, cupcakes and cake pop truffles and since Tinkerbell was visiting and spreading her pixie dust… green was used throughout the table.  I didn’t want the sweets to scream TINKERBELL but rather to compliment her.  I wanted it to feel magical so that the little girls would feel like they were in fairy land and I think the feel was certainly accomplished … atleast the looks on the faces of the little girls as they saw the table sure felt as if it was accomplished!

white cake pops for blogBecause we are known for our cake pops I had to make them the centerpiece of the table.  The pops were kept simple … covered in sugar and pearls which was a lovely compliment to the vase that was used.  The vase was a simple glass vase decorated with Dara’s props … one of the lovely things about working with Dara is the amount of props she brings .. she brings all types of outfits for the little girls and hair bows from her store, Jewelry and Baby Bling by Dara…. think a Girly Girls dream and you have it!  Savvy, had a cute outfit picked out that morning but knowing we were headed to see Ms. Dara she through on a tshirt and shorts because as she puts it “Ms. Dara has the coolest outfits”….and she does…. if only she had them in my size!


Photo courtesy of Dara’s Bling Photography

I had fun in the park and I know my Warrior Princess had a blast!  The little girls enjoyed some scrumptious sweets and enjoyed some magical time with Tink (from Pixie Dust Entertainment … a magical company I simply adore working with!)

And … this is what a magical Fairy Tea Party looks like!


Photo courtesy of Dara’s Bling Photography


  1. Love working with Savvylicious on my South Florida mini sessions, the best cakepops and cupcakes!

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