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If you read the previous post (and I certainly hope you did!) then you know that I attended the Inspire Smart Success conference in Palm Beach but I also created a “bakery” for the attendees.  It was inspired by Preston Bailey.  The founder of the conference attended his wedding and I am told that he had a fabulous bakery set up for his guests … seriously … this is a fabulous idea for a wedding!

I was asked to create sweets with purple and gold … and that we did! We created so many items from rum cupcakes to the basic delicious chocolate chip cookies to our over the top red velvet cake pops and our beautiful Italian Cookie cakepops…from chocolate covered pretzels, custom logo cookies to flourless chocolate cakes…the sugar was everywhere!


Hand dipped Peanut Butter cups, tea cookies and a flourless chocolate cake to satisfy the sweet tooth of all of the guests.



The Bakery was to be called “The Sweet Success Bakery” in theme of the conference.  A few hours before I had sat through a cake demonstration with the “Sugar Daddy” himself, Dana Herbert.  I was thrilled to meet him for I was one of the many fans he had on the show “The Next Great Baker” … and I love learning!  I am an “accidental baker” … I know what I like and what taste good.  I was not trained in the culinary arts and I have a lot of respect for those who are and I soak it all up!

So … absolutely no pressure to be at the Eau Spa (former Ritz Carlton) and learn that Dana Herbert would be joining me in the bakery and had also baked some cookies … bacon with chocolate chip being my fave… so yummy!

with Dana Herbert

I am rocking the “ponytail” look … who was not ready for a photo op???



So, I confess … I always have this little jitter in my tummy before a client takes their first bite.  I know my items are scrumptious in my heart of hearts but then the “moment” comes … for me it is the moment of “truth” … and I am not sure why I have this doubt in myself at that moment … might just my huge desire to please my clients but at that moment I hold my breath for a second and then a HUGE grin overcomes me when I see that look in their eyes…the OH MYYYY as George Takei would say.  I LOVE THAT look! It is what makes my heart smile!

And then when they ask for more…as was happening the entire time … the “hey, do you have more of those red velvet cake pops stashed somewhere?  I heard they are the best!” … well…yes….yes … we do!

Red Velvet Cake Pop #3 :)

Red Velvet Cake Pop #3 :)

I have to tell you one of my fave moments during the conference was when Steve Kemble better known as “America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru” announced on stage that he loved our cake pops but when he visited the bakery and inhaled them … well… my heart was smiling once again! But … when a few days later he posted on Facebook: BEST! CAKEBALLS! EVER!   well… he certainly knows how to make this girls heart smile!

With Steve Kemble enjoying our Red Velvet Cake Pop

With Steve Kemble enjoying our Red Velvet Cake Pop…someone please remind me to do my hair and make-up for pictures!

Gold…Bling…Purple…Bling…Chevron…was the name of the game and I think we pulled it off … rather nicely!Bakery


Our Custom Pretzels and Cupcakes


All of the beautiful pictures in this post are courtesy of the talented team at Scott Hopkins Photography.

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