Ancient Spanish Monastery – Love Story


I love LOVE!  Seriously, there is nothing more beautiful and more romantic to me then two people in love.  I love images of love … I wish I had the talent to capture these images but welllll that is best left to the talented artists.  Appreciating the images … welllll that is certainly my cup of tea!  A few months ago (maybe more then a few … but once you hit 40 time just kinda has its own interpretation) I was asked to be a part of a photo shoot.  The event planner and stylist, Robyn Baltuch, was kind enough to extend an invitation to Savvylicious Sweets and I was smart enough to accept it 😉  The shoot was to take place in our backyard…Miami!  The locale … I could wish it was my backyard … just stunning!  It was the breath taking setting of the Ancient Spanish  Monastery.

The images captured by Robert Evans of Robert Evans Studio were breath taking.  I know I have used the term breath taking twice now but judge for yourself … are they not?!  The beautiful bride above and all other pictures contained within this posting were taken by Mr. Evans and shared with his permission.


It was such a pleasure to work with  with such great talent and to have these images captured.  Did I mention that I love LOVE?!  I love the way these 4 letters together represent what we all strive for in life.  We wake up each day and all we want….all we do is for Love … all of our actions are simply so we may be loved and that we may love.  I know that is how simple it is for me.


We created Couture Cake Pops for this shoot.  I believe that our sweets have to taste divine.  They also have to look as good as they taste!  We could make beautiful sweets but if after our client takes a bite and is disappointed with the taste then they will never call us again…so what is the point?  I want your eyes to enjoy the sweet even before it hits your mouth.  I have heard it time and time again…they taste so good!  That should not be a surprise…that should be an expectation.

I love that our Couture Cake Pops in this setting were to be the gems … so they are adorned with gems as well.

Robert Evans photo of table candy

I certainly did not want to have the typical candy for this sweets station so in keeping with the theme we made vanilla bean marshmallows and scrumptious brownies as well as mini cakes.  The rock candy was hand painted so it too would look like gems … a sophisticated touch to a childhood favorite!

and … the finished product for all to enjoy.


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